Ravenna is a quiet neighborhood in northeast Seattle named after Ravenna, Italy.

Students and professors from the nearby University of Washington call this home, but it's also popular with young families and professionals.

The main shopping hub is the U-Village outdoor mall which has plenty of big brands and entertainment for kids. You can go for a run through the 50 acres (20 hectares) of Cowen-Ravenna Park or fire up one of its many grills for a barbecue.

Ravenna is bordered on the north by Wedgwood, on the east by Bryant, on the south by University District, and on the west by Roosevelt.


Downtown Seattle: 5.9 miles / 15-40 minutes by car / 25-35 minutes by transit
Bellevue: 8.7 miles / 20-40 minutes by car / 45 minutes by transit
Redmond: 15 miles / 25-40 minutes by car / 45 minutes by transit


Ravenna Map



Cowen and Ravenna Park Trails

Together, these two parks offer four-and-a-half miles of trails through a deep ravine full of urban nature. The leafy paths descend steeply from the center of the neighborhood, enveloping walkers in a world of trees and calm as they wander under the arching bridges of 15th and 20th Avenues and along Ravenna Creek. 5849 15th Ave. NE

Best-Kept Secrets

Sushi Wataru & Salare

 Wataru: 2400 NE 65th St. Salare: 2404 NE 65th St.


2407 NE 65th St

Scarecrow Video

5020 Roosevelt Way NE

Best Perk

Hart Coffee

3404 NE 55th St.

Third Place Books/Pub

 6504 20th Ave. NE

Bagel Oasis

 2112 NE 65th St.

Cowen Park Grocery

1217 NE Ravenna Blvd.